Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

Exporting to the EU under the DCFTA

  Developing the Capacity of Business Support Organisations in Ukraine to Help Business Export to the EU under the DCFTA

Funded by: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kiev and Embassy of the United Kingdom, Kiev

UCCI opening

 Output 1: Preparation of Encyclopaedia of Exporting to the EU under the DCFTA

 Provision of practical information in a reference manual on the trade regime by product/sector in a format that can easily referenced to access all the detailed information required to export to the EU – for use by helpdesks in each BSO/organisation.


 Research on existing trade and regulatory requirements for Ukraine’s top exports by chapter of the Nomenclature

    1. Drafting of the encyclopaedia        
    2. Editing and layout of the encyclopaedia
    3. Making available electronic version
    4. Wide Distribution of Encyclopaedia


Output 2: Training of Export Advisers in Selected BSOs

Development of a series of sector based seminars which will include presentations and presenter notes for selected sectors. Sectors will be selected on the basis of criteria to be agreed with MEDT and BSOs


  1. Recruit BSO organisations into the pilot programme (free participation but own expenses and in English) including regional chambers, UCCI, MEDT, MEDT Information desk, regional administrations and other BSOs
  2. Series of courses for training DCFTA export advisers in BSOs


    • Course 1: How to Sell Export Services (advise on structure and how to sell export services to companies in Ukraine); 2 day Course planned 10-11 Sept 2015
    • Course 2: Understanding EU regulatory requirements and Developing Sector seminars (providing practical know-how regarding with both compliance and selling into the Single European Market); 3 day Course planned 19-22 Oct 2015
    • Course 3: How to undertake export market research and providing trade information services (providing tailored market research and publishing sector market profiles and reports); 4 day Course planned 16-19 Nov 2015
    • Course 4: Providing Export Marketing consultancies (consultancy and mentoring to develop export marketing strategies and plans for business); 4 day Course                  planned 14-17 Dec 2015


Output 3: Establishment of Export Information Services (helpdesks, seminars, market information and consultancy advice)

 Support provided by international experts to 10 regional chambers in establishing a plan for selling export information services on exporting to the EU under the DCFTA: helpdesk, seminars, market research and consultancy advice.


  1.  Agree services and pricing in each BSO and develop marketing/communications plan including targets including plans for seminar programme, market research publications and consultancy
  2. Approval by BSO executives and promote services
  3. Plan seminar content, develop curricula and identify speakers, BSO to Undertake initial research on scope and content and promote and undertake seminar (potentially chargeable basis)
  4. Support to helpdesks as necessary - discuss and agree needs (including monitoring enquiries, information available and useful to business)
  5. Support in the development of market information to business based on information sheets, market profiles and reports (syndicated or for sale as appropriate – same research layered approach)


Output 4: Establishment of EU Export Consultant Certification and Registration

 Develop a system for UCCI training in its export academy to certify experts who complete the full training including a register and mark for experts to use as a guarantee for quality of experts and a tool/selling point for UCCI training in the future.


  1.  Discuss and plan certification programme, including possibility of government backing/recognition and/or academic accreditation
  2. Establish systems, including “mark” or symbol that registered experts may use to promote their services once registered


Output 5: To Enable UCCI to Train BSOs

Provide UCCI with tools to repeat trainings to other BSOs and private sector. UCCI to undertake first training course independently based on experts trained. Promotion of the programme, which could be fee based and recruit both public and private sector BSOs.


  1.  Identify UCCI Future Trainers to participate in training
  2. Provide training manuals, speakers notes, exercises, case studies
  3. Training of Trainers (workshops following each training)
  4. Agree dates and first UCCI training and promote programme
  5. Support provided to trainers in delivery of first course

 Output 6: Development of Academic Curricula on exporting to the EU

 Taking the training materials, discuss and adapt course for academic use on training students in export marketing research to the EU under the DCFTA. This will provide future business professionals with the skills to more successfully export to the EU.


  1.  Identify interested universities and training organisations (including diplomatic academy or civil service academy)
  2. Modify course outline
  3. Revise training materials and provide lecture plans and references for universities.


Outputs 3,4,5 and 6 are financed by the Embassy of the United Kingdom and work started August 2015 an will be completed by 31 March 2016

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