Experts in Trade and Private Sector Policy and Development

CTA Services

Needs Assessment

Using technicques such as Value Chain Analysis, Enterprise surveys and reviews of trade and business laws and procedures, CTA are able to provide clear insight into the trade and private sector needs of a country. Projects have included VCA analysis for Armenia fruit juice concentrates, Bhutan horticulture and wood products, Caribbean bananas, ACP fisheries products; trade needs assessments in Latvia, Maldives, East Timor and Moldova and; assessment of the MSME sector in Malawi and Ethiopia.

Project Design and Evaluation

Based on the identified needs,  projects are designed based on realistic and acheivable results with clear banchmarks and indictors. Having extensive experience of implementing trade and private sector development projects, CTA are able to bring a level of understanding to evaluations. Project designs have included a €20 m trade project for ACP states, trade and investment project for Botswana, Accession to WTO project in Yemen, Customs Reform Project in Maldives and design of a MSEME Credit scheme for rural women in Zimbabwe.

Analysis and Impact Studies

Better understanding of the constraints to trade and effect of policy is essential to allow Governments, donors and trade sector support institutions make informed choices. We use a range of economic tools including surveys, statistical analysis, econometric models, competitiveness studies and qualitative analysis to support trade negotiations, identify projects and evaluate effectiveness of trade policies. Projects have included a model of EU-ACP banana trade to lobby for a more liberal import regime; effects of the Autonomous Trade Preferences on EU-Western Balkans Trade and models of the impact of EPA for the East African Community, Mauritius and Ghana.

Policy Advice and Strategy Development

Influencing and changing trade policies to improve international competitiveness  and export performance is a partnership process involving close collaboration between the experts and government. Our approach depends upon the beneficiary government's needs and ranges from simple identification and changes to problem policies to preparation of a full national trade policy. Projects have included development of a comprehensive trade policy for Ghana, trade policy reform papers for Armenia, Moldova and Bhutan, national and sectoral export and investment strategies in Antigua, Armenia, Bhutan, Ghana, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Malawi, South Africa and Zimababwe.

Institutional Restructuring and Reform

Development of policies and strategies for Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) of government is not sufficient by itself unless clear responsibility for implementation is assigned within the relevant MDA. Institutional restructuring reform projects have including establishment of the Ukraine Trade Information and Notifications Centre, establishment of the Bhutan Export Promotion Centre, establishment of a supervisory board for the Foreign Investment Bureau in Bosnia and restructuring of Ministries responsible for trade in Bangladesh and Maldives. 

Training, Mentoring and Capacity Development

Building the capacity of beneficiaries is a key to long term sustainable in any assignment, whether aimed at policy, institutional or enterprise level. Projects have included mentoring export agency staff and enterprises in export marketing in Lithuania, trade negotiation skills training in Ghana, Vietnam and Maldives, WTO transparency (notifications and enquiries) training in Ukraine and building capacity of policy decision makers (evidence based) in Ghana, Maldives and Ukraine. CTA also trains EU staff in the design and management of Trade and Private sector development projects.

Awareness Raising and Stakeholder Dialogue

Stakeholder consultation is an essentil element of trade policy formulation. General awareness of business opportunities is also a key catalyst for economic growth ensuring business takes advantage of policy changes, national strategies and international negotiations. Awareness raising projects have included seminars on the opportunities provided by the EU Single European Market in Pakistan, understanding the opportunities of WTO Membership in Moldova and Promoting the EU Ukraine DCFTA. Stakeholder consultation has been a key component in projects formulating national trade policies in Maldives and Ghana, national strategies for development of professional services in Malawi, Antigua and Ghana and, development of a national strategy for the Health and Wellness Tourism Sector in Jamaica. 

Direct Support to Enterprises

We can support export development through technical assistance to business support agencies or direct support to companies undertaking export training, market identification, market research, export capacity audits, preparation of marketing strategies, developing marketing systems and marketing support. CTA has provided direct export marketing support to multi-billion dollar turnover companies in the UK and micro enterprises in Bhutan. Projects have included export marketing support to companies in Bhutan, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sri Lanka.


Areas of expertise include:

  • Trade Policy
  • Trade Negotiations
  • WTO
  • Trade in Services
  • Trade Facilitation
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • IPR
  • Sector Competitiveness
  • Business Enabling Environment
  • Export Marketing (Business Development Services)

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